Tamara (aka Tamy) brings 20 years of experience to every guest she welcomes into her chair at Craft Studio. She is skillful and trained in Vidal Sasson, Sam Bricatto and Paul Mitchell schools and hosts an array of different color and cutting techniques.
Tamy is as enthusiastic about hair as she is a lifelong learner, a compassionate individual, and a devoted and loyal friend to all who surround her. She never turns down an opportunity to grow or improve, an indicator that she’s got the resilience to stay on the top of the game in this industry.


Stylist / Bridal Specialist


Our resident Bridal Stylist, Shelby joined us not long after finishing cosmetology school in 2018. She is a level 2 stylist who is passionate about color and texture and soft beauty. Shelby’s passion is Bridal Hair and it’s easy to see that is definitely her calling! From big waves or curls, to any kind of braid or beautiful UpDo, Shelby can do it all beautifully!


Stylist / Blonding Specialist


After joining us in 2019 right out of cosmetology school, Brandi joined us as an Associate and climbed her way up to a Level 2 stylist in just 1 year! Brandi is passionate about blending, coloring, and whoever is sitting in her chair. She is now our Blonde Specialist and will make all your hair dreams come true while also maintaining the health and integrity of your hair.




A level 2 stylist, Kari has been in the industry for over 3 years. She loved to Spokane and found her home at Craft in the Summer of 2019 and we are SO thrilled she did! She is swift with her skills and delicate with each project she takes on. Kari pays careful attention and is always seeking new ways to be creative and improve her offerings.


Stylist / Extensions Specialist


As one of our youngest stylists, Abby has soared through her career over the past 2 years. Abby joined us in 2020 and has since built an extensive guest list at Craft.
Abby is passionate about working with Blondes and all types of Extensions. She is our Extension Specialist and has found a passion for learning as much as she can about the art by traveling to classes out of salon and out of state! We are so lucky to have her upbeat personality in our Studio!


Level 1 Stylist


Molly’s hair journey started in middle school; she loved to watch hair videos and practice on her friends, try new trends on her own, and just always loved to be creative.
On her first day of beauty school she went home to her wife and told her that she felt she was truly headed on the right path (and we are so glad she did!). She has a passion for lived-in and natural blondes.

Molly’s main goal when having a client sit in her chair is for them to truly feel heard and seen and for them to leave the salon with all the confidence in the world.



Stylist / Associate


Margarita came to Craft right after receiving her Cosmetology License in 2021 and joined our Associates Program. She enjoys doing anything color, from blondes to reds and everything in between! She has been so excited as she continues to grow her knowledge and skills in our industry and getting to build relationships with her clients.






Danielle has 13 years of industry experience and founded Craft Studio in 2016. Since retiring from behind the chair at the end of 2021, she has now put her full focus into helping stylists among her team, stylists outside of the salon, as well as other salon entrepreneurs grow their businesses on their own. Danielle holds a strong passion for educating others within our industry and has created a unique and innovative space for education and growth at Craft.



Studio Manager


Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Craft Studio Spokane?
Our studio manager, Jess, is both the forefront and foundation to our logistical and organizational successes at Craft.
Her sense of independence, adventure, and intellect radiates throughout her every move. Her dream is to write her own book someday and mark my words.. this girl always gets it done!
She always assures us that she feels as lucky to be here as we do to have her!